As many of you all know, The Cardiff International Comic Expo is The Sidekickcast’s spiritual and geographical home, it’s where we’ve hosted panels, performed Secrets and Lies Live, acted as announcers, recorded live podcasts, recruited to the Sidekick Army and generally had a bloody good time. Launched in 2011, the expo has gone from strength to strength and with just weeks away from the latest show, they’ve released the below info which gives you all just a little more insight into what will be going on, including the schedule for the live panels that you can attend. If you don’t have a ticket yet, you’re in luck, they still have a few left but they’re going fast so make sure to get on that ASAP. No panel from the Sidekickcast this year, we’ll be too busy manning our other awesome comic book project.

CICE 2013

Saturday Panels:

Cardiff Expo does not control panel content

1115 – 1200 Women in comics:

An engaging discussion on the female perspective in comics, focusing on women as creators and/or publishers and women as consumers of comics and manga.

Panel members: Lizzie Boyle (co-creator of Disconnected Press), Naniiebim (illustrator), Jess Bradley (illustrator), and Stacey Whittle (editor of Into the Woods Anthology, podcaster, SFX blogger)

1210 – 1300 The Zarjaz world of 2000AD:

Following on from last year’s very popular Cardiff Expo Toothy panel, we’ve gathered some of 2000AD’s very best art & script droids together, to discuss working for the Mighty Tharg and the UK’s longest running anthology title. Recommended 15+.

Panel members: Jon Davis-Hunt, Ben Willsher, Leigh Gallagher, Alec Worley
Moderators: Stacey Whittle & Iz McAuliffe

1315 – 1400 David Lloyd on Aces Weekly:

The man responsible for the stunning art in V for Vendetta showcases his new editorial project Aces Weekly – the exclusively digital comic art magazine for computer and tablet, featuring top talents in sequential art from around the globe.

Stay tuned for updates on more guests joining David and maybe a sneak preview on upcoming titles!

1410 – 1500 The Art Of Gaming:

Ever wondered how all the processes of the various design teams come together to making a computer game? Join three highly experienced 3D, Concept, and Lead artists who will give you a brief insight into the way games are put together design-wise, from initial High Level Design docs, through to feature designs and finally play-testing.

Panel members: Jon Davis-Hunt (Senior Designer with Playground Games), Ben Willsher (Art Director with oOki), and Rob Jackson (Lead Artist with NaturalMotion Games)

1510 – 1540 The Comics News Quiz

It’s a quiz! About comics news! Not entirely dissimilar to a well-loved radio programme!

Stacey Whittle asks the questions, Rob Williams, Mike Collins, Alec Worley and Leigh Gallagher might provide some answers.

1630 – 1730 Judge Minty screening followed by Q and A :

The Judge Dredd fan film which is currently taking the UK convention scene by storm, Judge Minty. 15+ certificate.

be there, its the law!

Judge William Minty has spent his entire adult life policing the violent streets of Mega-City One – & now he’s slowing down. When a lapse of judgment almost ends his life, he knows that it’s time to quit. He can choose to teach in the Academy, or he can leave the city & walk alone out into the anarchy of the Cursed Earth, taking law to the lawless.


Following the screening of Judge Minty, filmmaker Steven Sterlacchini
will hold a Q and A session.


Sit down, relax and be afraid….

1745 – 1830 Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires
web series screening

Gabriel Cushing; demonologist, academic and supernatural investigator, is summoned to the quiet village of Little Easton, and teams up with two locals to combat the threat of the Zombie Vampires!
Rotten, unhinged creatures, the Zombie Vampires lurk in Satan’s Grove, at the heart of Old Wisp Woods, picking off unwary ramblers, farmers and anyone else who crosses their path. Gabriel Cushing must fight to stop the spread of their infection and face down the threat of the Ancient Vampire!

Gabriel Cushing versus the Zombie Vampires is an action-horror web series produced by The Great Escape team, independent film-makers based in the South West of England. Influenced by classic British Hammer Horror films, and a love for all things geeky and horrific, the series combines action, humour and adventure with blood-splattering effects.

15+ certificate.

Sunday Panels

1130 – 1215 Working on Creator-Owned Properties vs Working
in Mainstream publishing:

Until relatively recently, the comic book world has been dominated by the American publishers Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW. However, creator-owned titles are becoming more and more popular – giving creators more creative freedom, monetary compensation and full ownership of the content that they create. To discuss the pros and cons of working on both creator-owned and in the mainstream are three highly experienced UK creators.

Panel members: Gary Erskine (creator of Roller Grrrls, artist for 2000AD, Marvel, DC, Vertigo & many others), Monty Nero (creator of Death Sentence, writer for 2000AD), and Jim Campbell (letterer for Markosia, Image, Madefire, Dark Horse and others)

1230 – 1315 How to get Ahead in Small Press / Self Publishing:

An insight from a selection of established indie creators and publishers on their small press/self-publishing experiences. You will hear about success stories, possible pitfalls, lessons learned, and words of warning, as well as the enormous sense of achievement once your own project is released into the big wide world.

Panel members: Dan Harris (Lou Scannon), Owen Watts (Dr WTF & The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel), Richmond Clements (Futurequake Press), Lizzie Boyle (Disconnected Press), and Monty Nero (Death Sentence)

1330 – 1415 “Creating Who? Tales And Related Doctors In Space!”

As the good Doctor hits 50 this year where is there left to go for the last of the Time Lords? With staring on TV, here and the US, Audio, weekly & monthly comic strips in the UK, plus the IDW American title doing so well, novels and online et al – how do you keep the stories fresh? Are we perhaps looking at over exposing the world’s longest running Sci-Fi series? What do we want to see in the 50th anniversary BBC Special?

CICE 2013: Line Up and Panel Schedule