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Published on October 12th, 2011 | by Gavin Jones


The Avengers Trailer; A Sidekick’s View

Geez, you go away on business for a couple of days and Marvel have the indecency to release a fully fledged teaser trailer for possibly the most anticipated comic book movie of all time; The Avengers. SO please watch the trailer and then join me after the jump for a Sidekick’s view:

1. You were made to be ruled

It appears Loki has delusions of grandeur and would like to take his rightful place as a God over Midgard AKA Earth, enslaving us mere mortals under his pointy boot. Just as Thor has a magical weapon in the form of Mjolnir, now so does Loki with the cosmic cube firmly encased in his staff so he can weild it’s power in a more direct and no doubt brutal manner. With all the explosions, military and policemen shooting and running away from unseen assailants, it appears this Avengers movie is firmly placed in the real world, just like all the other Marvel Studios movies, even tough this one could end up being more fantastical than all the others combined, especially if we see some…Skrulls(?)

2. A group of remarkable people

Well thats one way to describe the Avengers and really the only time that Hawkeye and the Black Widow get very much screen time in this short trailer, they certainly don’t get any lines. I must say Scarlett Johansson does look pretty remarkable in her ‘action pose’…or is she actually squeezing one out? Who can tell eh?





3. Iron Man/Tony Stark is running the show

Yes, it may seem as though Samuel L. Jackson is the man large and in charge but Robert Downey Jr clearly gets the best lines, Whedon is going to have a lot of fun with him and I can’t bloody wait. The character of Tony Stark as he has been represented so far in the Iron Man movies could have almost been directly from one of Whedon’s previous works, I could just see him rocking up to the Dollhouse looking for a good time or seeking safe passage on the Serenity. Also he’s wearing a Black Sabbath shirt, subtle.



4. Reused Marvel movie footage

Can’t take credit for this one really even though I had my suspicions, on Bleeding Cool they have pointed out that one of the shots of Iron Man has been lifted directly from the first Iron Man movie. Can’t say I’m surprised to be honest, it is a little early to be getting so many polished CGI shots, in fact I’m not completely convinced the brief shot we get of the Hulk is not lifted from The Incredible Hulk, but surely that wouldn’t be allowed?

5. More questions than answers

Overall, I’m happy with what I’ve seen but we don’t really get much from anyone else other than Tony Stark and Nick Fury. We don’t see much of Thor, other than some silly grins and a little bit of scrapping, Cap gets one line and we still don’t see the big bad. Sure we see Loki rocking the cosmic cube but something tells me there’s more, a lot more and I can’t wait to find out what it is. Keep ’em peeled Sidekicks.

Oh yeah, more Agent Coulson please.

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