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Published on May 15th, 2013 | by Mike Harding


SONIC BOOM!! Seriously I will sort it out honestly

Ok, so I admit it, once again I got seriously behind in my BOOM Studios reviews, so, instead of reviewing a few weeks at a time, I am going to do articles on each of the main books that have come out since the last review was posted.


So first up is review is one of Boom’s newest offering, it has been very much hyped, and had a lot to live up to.  Polarity, is written and created by Max Bemis, the artwork is provided by Jorge Coelho, with colours by Felipe Sobreiro, and lettering by Steve Wands.  The concept of the book is the main character of Tim, who appears to be in his mid twenties, the book begins with a half-naked Tim walking into the street, kneeling down, and then getting run over.


The book narrated by Tim, whilst we see his life continuing a two years later.  Tim has Bi-polar disorder, and the incident when he was run over was his first “Manic” episode.  So before we go on any further, let me remind you (those of you who know me) that professionally, my job is that of a Community Mental Health Nurse, I have been doing this job for the past sixteen years, so it is fair to say I known a thing or two about mental health, and in this case Bi-polar.  Tim is a classic character when is comes to Bi-polar, he is low in mood, and obviously blames this on the medication that stabilises his mood.

My only problem with this otherwise brilliant piece of writing and story development is the speed in which Tim decides to stop taking his medication.  When the story begins he has been taking it for a year, and it has made a difference in his life, however, it is very unusual to encounter someone who will stop taking their medication based on the fact they fail to talk to a girl/boy.

Having said that, the way his mental state deteriorates over the next few panels is very good, he develops all the symptoms that would lead him to the actions at the beginning of the book.  I was a bit puzzled by his best friend’s reaction to him not taking his meds, I would like to think that my friends would report me to someone who could help.

The way the first issue ended was brilliant, it was unexpected, and was enough to get me hooked for another few issues.


Hence in issue two we see Tim seek help with his psychiatrist, who provides him with some medication; there are some hilarious scenes in which Tim vomits over the doctor twice, resulting in them both sitting there topless.  The story gets weird when the Doctor reveals that Tim is actually the next form of human evolution, and that his bi-polar disorder makes him (and I can’t believe I’m writing this with 16 years of mental health experience) Super-powered.  At this point I was considering closing the book and never reading it again, however, when you get past the idea of mental health driven super powers, the book gets really good again.


Tim does the usual thing of acting an idiot and using his powers to do so, before having the inevitable realisation that he has actually killed someone, and needs to atone for this.  Tim’s first heroic act, isn’t that heroic, more socially minded, so it will be interesting to see where the book goes from here.

On a side note, yes I am very much aware that the covers do look a lot like those being produced for Si Spurriers X-men Legacy series


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