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Published on June 24th, 2013 | by Mike Harding



In the second part of the May/June reviews we focus on a firm favourite, and a new release that is one of the more bizarre books that BOOM have released recently.

So as promised the first book to be reviewed in this instalment of Sonic Boom is Fanboys vs Zombies issue fifteen.  As always written by Shane Houghton, with artwork provided by Jerry Gaylord.


Last issue ended with the entire team now at the space station (sure, three of them were trapped in an escape pod, but it counts).  Unfortunately Burger had been bitten by Kurt’s brother, and had fully turned, biting some of the space station staff.

This issue begins with the people inside the station assuming that the zombie loose on the station is Kurt’s brother, and are frantically trying to find some form of weapon.  At this point Amanda has a great line about how the tools on the space station are just weapons that you haven’t killed anyone with yet.  There is a great bit involving Rob, Brendan, and Jenna, who almost end up having a threesome until they are rudely interrupted.

The issue has some great film reference stuff, with Amanda stuck in an air vent.  Once again Houghton ramps up the suspense, drama, and comedy, the next issue is solicited as being the final part of this story, and promises big changes.  Personally, I cant wait to see what Houghton has planned for the book.


The next book is issue one of a six part series written by Simon Spurrier.  Now currently Simon is writing X-men Legacy, which I love on a monthly basis.  So, when I heard he had written a six-part comic called Six Gun Gorilla, I was instantly intrigued.


With Jeff Stokely providing the artwork, this was always going to be an interesting book.  The story starts with army recruits heading into a battle zone, this is an odd battlefield, as the characters are dressed in civil war era outfits, and traditional guns don’t work for some reason.  The two opposing sides use pneumatic and wind up weaponry that is a nice touch as it slows the death toll a bit.

There is a lot happening in the book, but the more important thing is that the titular character is barely in this issue.  Despite this, Spurrier has crafted a book in which you actually like each character that is introduced throughout the issue.

Stokely’s artwork is superb, it matches Spurrier’s writing perfectly, and between the two of them, they have crafted a book that already has me hooked for the next five issues, and hopefully beyond that.

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