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Published on January 5th, 2013 | by Mike Harding


SONIC BOOM!! I tried, but I’m sooo far behind


As always, when it comes to Boom reviews I’m waaay behind, so lets catch up with what has been happening in the world of BOOM!! Studios.

FanboysVSZombies_08_CVBFanboys vs Zombies issue eight is without doubt one of the most action packed, yet bizarre books I have read in a long, long time. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it, hell no it was brilliant.  It was just very, very bizarre.  As the book came out a month ago I can do spoilers, the team fight their way out of the Underground Comic Con, taking Brendan the hostage writer with them.  They end up in a room were Zombies are being killed by Gorillas, and to make a brilliant moment better, the Wrecking crew team up with the Gorillas.

The story progresses and Missy (who had been separated from the group) discovers that the Zombies have evolved, and are filling the building with as much weight as possible, in the hope of demolishing it.  The Wrecking crew escape the building, rescue Missy and return to their former base/apartment.  From here they witness the destruction of the Sand Diego Convention centre, the team decide that they should leave San Diego, however Jenna reveals that she no longer trusts herself and is going alone.  The issue ends with the revelation that one of the crew is seeing the ghost of recently eaten movie star Drake Masterson (the wimpy hero guy that got killed a few issues ago).  More important than that though is that the book has a The Usual Suspects cover (or an X-force 54, and Cable and X-force 1)

FvZ_09Then we have issue nine which wins book of the week for the Back to the Future inspired cover.  In this issue we deal with the aftermath of Jenna leaving the team.  The group discover that the entire city is to be destroyed by a nuclear bomb, causing a rift within the already fractured team.  The team splits up to achieve a few goals, firstly get transport (and that’s cool as they pick the cars that geeks would love to drive).  Second team goes to Brendan’s hotel room so they can get his plans for a Zombie apocalypse, this ends with a great comedic twist as we discover the Brendan had a hotel room full of strippers, who are now of course Zombie strippers.  The third group tries to find Jenna.  The issue ends with a great twist as the team encounter some old faces.





2700265-06a_superNext we have the Superhero apocalypse series Extermination.  In Extermination issue six we pick up directly from the ending of the last issue as the alliance try to fight their way along the alien train.  There is some serious deviousness going on in this book, and just loads of action.  Once again we get flashbacks, but as before, the lack of difference in artwork makes you have to pay attention to what’s happening.  The book ends with most of the alliance dead with the notable exceptions of Nox, Reaper, and possibly Mynxx.  The book ends with Nox asking Reaper to go safe the world whilst he holds off an alien attack, in order to keep an injured Mynxx alive.



2740298-2740295-1Issue seven continues to action with Reaper and Nox coming face to face with Absolute, only to discover he is what is keeping the alien portal open.  Before that though, we discover that Nox hasn’t been entirely honest with people, as he displays his powers (looks like a defensive/offensive shield).  The revelations don’t end there though as we then discover that Nox is actually responsible for Absolute being held prisoner there, and ultimately for the alien invasion.  Nox appears to have some kind of breakdown, taking his mask off and screaming “But I’m the good guy”.  Of course this is to be continued.






hypernaturals-6-coverNext up is Hypernaturals issue six is going to be my last issue I think, it’s just not a good book at all, it’s a poor mans legion of superheroes, which is a book that not many people can do well.  I’m really surprised by Abnett and Lanning, as I usually love their cosmic space work, but Hypernaturals just doesn’t work for me I afraid.  This issue the Villain Sublime kidnaps the godlike character from last issue, then turns up at the Hypernaturals base offering to help them save the day.







2763101-02_superOf course next we have the new addition to the review section in the form of Freelancers issue 2.  The first issue with Cassie and Val returning to the orphanage that they grew up in whilst following their mark Lobo, only to have it explode the moment they walked through the door.  This issue picks up right where the last ended, the girls manage to get out of the ruins, and track down former childhood nemesis, current top Freelancer Kat to her White Party.  This is where the fun begins, we have the girls vs bouncers, Cassie vs Kat in a pool, and then is gets really good when the girls muscle in on all of Kat’s jobs, only to end up following her to a rendezvous with her master.  The identity of which, I couldn’t possibly spoil, as it’s too good an ending.  Book of the week without a doubt, great story, and brilliant artwork giving this a fun romp fell, hope this carries on as well as it has begun, because its been very good quality so far.

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