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Published on December 31st, 2012 | by Gavin Jones


Sidekickcast Episode #75 – 619 Review Show 2012

sidekick75With the end of the year in site the Sidekicks sit back over Christmas to discuss their 619 choices of 2012 backed up by everyone’s favourite recurring guest star, Lil Fat MIkey. There’s a rundown on some of the biggest geek news of the year as well as a special BOOYAKA edition of Secrets and Lies.  C619 categories were:

  • Cover
  • Splash Page
  • Big 2 Ongoing
  • Big 2 Limited Series
  • Indy Ongoing
  • Indy Limited Series
  • Writer
  • Artist

It’s an extra long show this time as there’s so much to get through, but an extra long show means extra long out-takes too so don’t forget to listen past the outro music yo!


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2 Responses to Sidekickcast Episode #75 – 619 Review Show 2012

  1. Russ says:

    An otherwise great episode ruined by one MAJOR error! You claim uncle billy sold his willy for a milky way. This is obviously incorrect and frankly stupid. Uncle billy LOST his willy ON THE MOTORWAY. If you require proof, speak to my dad’s brother, William. Or as we call him, Uncle Dickless.

  2. Gavin Jones says:


    Dude, you would not believe how many different versions we went though before deciding this version Either way Old Uncle Bill ends up without a penis yo!

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