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Published on November 30th, 2012 | by Mark Chatterley


Public service: Geek gem bring and share

I’ve been talking to people more and more about geek TV shows – probably because Thursday it dawns on me that you may be expecting a new post.

One thing I’m finding is that a lot of people have one show they really like and follow dogmatically but have very little knowledge of geeky shows outside of this.

So this is the first Four Eyes Squared ‘bring and share’ Geek TV show extravaganza.



I, of course, get to list a number of shows.

You, naturally, can post in the comments either telling me I’m stupid – or better yet, getting into the spirit of things and sharing your own Geek TV Gem.

Now don’t try to be clever and keep your shows to yourself. Yes, there is kudos in being the only one to know about something – but there is even more kudos in being the person to introduce it to others.

So, my list:

So few people in the UK have heard about this show and it is shocking, I tell you. Shocking.

Community follows the lives of a study group as they cope with what could possibly be the weirdest community college in the US: Greendale!

The show references so many other geeky shows, has many in jokes and has even gone so far as creating their own versions of popular shows. The little clips you see of Inspector Spacetime fighting off the Blorgons are worth their weight in gold.

The Fades

Dear BBC,

You should track down the person responsible for not giving The Fades a second series and fire them. Not only that, but you should take back anything you paid them while they were making this decision.

Then you should go and break into their house, steal their stuff and sell it back to them for a profit.

Use the profits from this to create a new series of The Fades.


Everyone who watched The Fades.

This show had everything. Teenage romance, a cool friend who makes movie references, creepy homeless people, ghosts, flesh eating ghosts, flesh eating ghosts who turn into zombies and super powers!

It was well written, brilliantly constructed and emotional.

However, you do need to track down the person who was responsible for the pre-series promos and fire them. Not only that, but you should take back anything you paid them… well, you get the idea.

I’m not sure I really want to link to a promo for you, but I feel like I should. Just remember, the show is epic:

See, the promos sucked. Even the ‘coming next week’ promos sucked.

But the show… Amazing.

Go, watch, now.

Alphas gets compared to Heroes quite a lot, which I think in unfair. Mainly because Heroes sucked.

The only fair way to compare it would be to say: ‘Think of everything that Heroes wanted to be. Now make it awesomer – yes, that is a word – and there, you have Alphas.’

I’ll admit, however, that the first half of the first series did suffer from an identity crisis – it was unsure of which direction to take itself. But power through that and you end up with a show that really does look at how real people would cope with ‘abilities’.

You see the negative side of being special, you see the repercussions of decisions that are made and you see people slip into darkness.

This show, for me, was one of those shows I spend 8 hours straight watching – always saying, just one more episode. I think it will be for you too.

My last pick is Castle – still struggling to gain some traction in the UK.

Richard Castle is a famous and successful murder mystery writer. One day the NYPD come across a case that seems to be based on one of his books and he is brought in to help them solve it. As this happens Castle sees a potential new book series based on the plucky detective he is following and ends up tagging along for more with the investigative team.

Oh yes, and Richard Castle is played by Nathan Fillion.

You have no idea how many levels of awesome this show is. It treads the fine line between drama and comedy and never puts a step wrong. One week you can be on the edge of your seat as they rush to track down the killer, the next you can be laughing so hard you have to pause the show.

The writers know of Nathan Fillions past and aren’t afraid to add in a few nods to it. If you liked Firefly – who am I kidding, you all did – you will squeal with joy at each reference.

A fun, interesting, well written show that will also appeal to non-Geeks so feel free to share with your other half who doesn’t quite get your geeky ways.

In a word, Castle is ‘shiny’,

So, let’s share. What hidden gems do you know?

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