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Published on March 5th, 2013 | by Doktor Andy


My take on the new Iron Man 3 trailer

I’m a big time Iron Man fan. My quest to read every issue of Iron Man currently has me in 1994.  Yeah, the 90’s… Having read over 300 issues of Iron Man (starting in Tales of Suspense #39 in 1963) I consider myself something of an authority.  So here are a few quick thoughts on the new Iron Man 3 trailer.  Or you can just watch the trailer and ignore my rantings below.


Why can’t I sleep?

This seems pretty obviously due to the events in Avengers.  Tony was on top of the world when Avengers started.  By the end of it we see him largely outclassed by an alien army.  Tony Stark does not get outclassed.

You elected me on a single platform

This bit intrigues me a lot. No modern US President gets elected on a “single platform,” even if that platform in national defense.  Unless of course your nation was just attacked by an alien race and is seeing a rapid emergence of superhumans.  Who is this new President that pursues security above all else?  Perhaps a Norman Osborn/Dark Reign figure?  Perhaps setting up a possible Skrull Secret Invasion for the third Avengers movie?

The Mandarin

OH MY GOD THE MANDARIN!  “What if Osama Bin Laden were a genius super-villain?!”  That’s about what I get as far as the Mandarin goes from this trailer, and quite frankly that is awesome.

The sub-hall of armors

As Tony’s new (Extremis) armor lowers into the floor we see he has an armor workshop below the “hall of armors” where he keeps all his old models.  We see what appear to be specialized armors under different stages of construction. We get a money shot of these at the end of the trailer.

Suiting up/on the operating table

Tony suits up in a very Extremis way.  Extremis was an Iron Man storyline written by Warren Ellis in which Tony underwent a highly risky super soldier treatment to fully integrate himself with the armor, allowing full mental control as if it were a limb.  The shot of him on the operating table indicates to me that he goes through this process early on in the film given the lack of blood all over his face (which he seems to chronically suffer from in this film).

Room full of harnesses (what else do I call this?!)

In the Extremis story, the original coding for Extremis was to basically make Captain America+.  An Extremis Enhanced individual has super strength, Luke Cake level skin, electric eel fingers, and can breathe fire.  There was only one in the original story, however a later story—coincidentally involving the Mandarin—saw the creation of a small group of Extremis Enhanced warriors.  This would be a really good reason for Iron Man to need “backup.”

Suit-up Take 2

Jumping off a building/crane in a trailer is movie gold.  Jumping into a powered battle suit is… what’s worth more than gold and also gives you an erection?


The story arc immediately following Extremis saw the creation of Tony’s “Project Argonaut,” which consisted of five specialized armors he could control remotely using his mind via the Extremis enhancement.  So these could be drone armors and there is certainly president for that after Iron Man 2.  The other possibility is the Iron Legion, which was when Rhodey assembled a collection of people that had worn the Iron Man suit in the past to aid him in fighting Ultimo after Tony was injured.  I find this unlikely since the Iron Man films don’t really have even five people to put in the armors, let alone the twenty or so shown in the trailer. Regardless we see here what appear to be a highly specialized collection of armors, far more than we could see in the sub-floor workshop earlier.

The Hulkbuster armor



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  2. I’m not one to point out typos usually (they happen, we’re all human, get over it), but Luke Cake is too funny to ignore! Luke Cake!

    Achem. Anyway, I agree with all points! Loving the look of this. Marvel Phase Two looks like it’ll be opening on a high!

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