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Published on August 7th, 2012 | by Gavin Jones


Joseph Gordon Levitt is Nightwing

**SPOILER ALERT** May be spoilers if you have not yet seen the Dark Knight Rises**SPOILER ALERT**

If you listened to the Sidekickcast Presents…The Dark Knight Rises, you’ll know that my partner in crime, @danlesidekick felt that there should be a Nightwing movie coming off The Dark Rises and that the man in the tights should be Joseph Gordon Levitt. I don’ think this was Nolan’s intention, I believe his intention was that Levitt’s character should be the new Batman but I do like the idea of a Nightwing movie.  Dick Grayson has always been a character that interets me, mostly because he grew up in the DC Universe, something that doesn’t really happen too often in comic books…unless of course time travel or alternate worlds are involved (See, Cable, Hope, Supergirl/Powergirl, etc). The other stumbling block is recognition, although Nightwing is fairly well know among the comic book community, I would say his visibility to the mainstream is limited, his younger persona as Robin is much better know and if we had had Robin in his truest form in the Nolan movies then a ‘grown up’ Robin movie (Nightwing) may have more cache. That’s not to say that fan opinion and demand couldn’t reverse this opinion, so for those purposes I started checking out whether there was much demand for a Nightwing movie off the back of The Dark Knight Rises and this is what I found:

Now I know that last one is not JGL but it’s a pretty cool image so I thought I’d include it, there’s a whole lot more out there in terms of blogs, comments on the movie and illustrations of JGL as Nightwing, what I’ve shown you here is just a snippet. One of the main comments has been that the chalk Batman logo that is used throughout TDKR is in actual fact more of a Nightwing logo, and if you look at it, sure it does bear resemblance to Nightwing;’s emblem but again I’m sure this wasn’t Nolan’s intention and is more there just to represent hope and people’s belief in Batman as a physical representation of that hope.

So if you want to see a Nightwing movie make sure you speak up about it, maybe enough buzz can be created that the Hollywood studio types can be convinced there’s money to be made. I will be tweeting about it from time to time using the tag #Nightwingmovie so please feel free to join me but don’t forget after the Batman and Robin there were a whole lot of images like the one below floating around…and I think we can all agree that would’ve been bad, you have been warned.

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25 Responses to Joseph Gordon Levitt is Nightwing

  1. mikal says:

    i totally wish this would happen omg he played so well as dick grayson it was and he was awesome so him as nightwing it would be even more excite ment for me and all of batman fan based people like me and the millions of fans

  2. Tabitha says:

    YAY for a Nightwing movie….IF they ever make one that is.

  3. Anonymous says:

    do you think nightwing is good at making cookies

  4. Anonymous says:

    my man dick is awesome

  5. Anonymous says:

    nightwing makes some smokin hot chowder like MY MOM!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am done for today bye people

  7. Anonymous says:

    I just found out knight wing is spelled with a k

  8. Anonymous says:

    hiiiiiiiii! knightwing is awesome because he is knightwing

  9. Anonymous says:

    It is not knightwing…

  10. Anonymous says:

    thats not evan the story line amatueres

  11. LostBoy2000 says:

    I’d be down with this. Makes more sense as a TV show though I reckon. Anybody seen this video?

  12. Gavin Jones says:

    That trailer is pretty bad-ass actually, a Nightwing series could really work as long as they don’t take their cues from either Smallville or Arrow…maybe get someone like Ronald D. Moore on it.

    • LostBoy2000 says:

      Hells yeah, Ronald D. Moore and they could set it straight after TDKR or just do it a fresh. Nightwing has a rich back story and not to mention his costume is just absolutely bad ass. I think Nightwing could hold is own TV show and your right, dont copy Arrow or Smallville. I’d say make it more like a detective show and definitely have it more grounded like the Nolans films.

  13. Lily Blood says:

    Dudes that woud be so cool to have a NightWing movie! The story of Batman needs to continue on and what better way then have a beginning to the end? The batman faked his own death and left his home and legacy to someone ese, we need that story to continue somehow some way, either make a movie series out of it or a realy good TV show! My bro and me are big fans of DC comics and we want the story to continue!!!!

    • neb says:

      obviously in tdkr bruce wayne survives becuz alfred sees him and right before he was talking about using auto pilate. they talked about that since the beginning. nolan obviously set it up for another movie just in case he wanted to have batman and robin together. idk wut it will be called bur i gaurantee we will see another movie.

  14. neb says:

    batmans always the better between batman and robin and unless he dies or gets more crippled, he would have to be the main character unless batman was a mentor or the movie is soley about hout robin( or nightwing) becomes greater, stronger, and faster then batman with a side story of fighting someone who batmans hasnt defeated in the recent movies yet. the movie will most likely be a BATMAN and not nightwing if they make another one… otherwise it would have to be about an entirely seperate hero or else critics would get on them and they would lose a lot of money.( btw they need to make a black panther movie)

  15. nightwing says:

    joseph gordon is nightwing or robin in christopher nolan batman series he is batman

  16. Brett says:

    I think it would be a great movie. Alot of non comic book readers dont know about him, its a new story to the thousand Batman movies out there. And this would give them something that they could reboot without most ppl crying saying “Not again.”

  17. joe alfred says:

    The movie,eventually will be released.nightwing is a knight that one day he collided with the young justice

  18. joe alfred says:

    he led them in the absence of aqualad:a new guy,could you believe it

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