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Published on January 10th, 2012 | by Gavin Jones


Hot Zombies, Warm Bodies

We’ve all know for some while that zombies are the new vampires, the only thing is zombies just don’t have the same sex appeal as vampires, doesn’t make them quite as marketable to per-pubescent Twi Hards…until now. Warm Bodies, is described as a zombie love story and is based on the book of the same name by Isaac Marion. How you tell a zombie love story I have no idea but things could get interesting in the inevitable sex scenes “Is it in yet?” ” I think it may’ve broken off?!”

The film stars Nicholas Holt who thanks to Collider you can see in this preview image. It would seem Holt is fast becoming the geek hunk of choice, with his role as Beast in X-Men: First Class, the title character from Jack the Giant Killer and now this zombie heartthrob. So if you don’t really buy the whole zombie love story thing why should you be interested in this movie? Well it’s directed by Jonathan Levine who also directed The Wackness and the recently brilliant 50/50. I have loved both of these movies and if there is anyone in Hollywood right now that could make a zomance film (I’m coining it right here right now yo!), it’s surely him.

Warm Bodies will be released in the UK August 2012.

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