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Published on July 10th, 2013 | by Gavin Jones


Fox setting up League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for…TV!

Warner proved the concept, AMC perfected it, ABC are about to smash it and now Fox want to get in the comic book to TV show adaptation business. Fox have greenlit a pilot TV show of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neil’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen from the man who wrote the Green Lantern movie, Mark Green, according to Variety. Green will not only write the pilot, he will also produce and be set up as showrunner, he’s got form, acting as co-producer on both Smallville and Heroes for his sins.

the-league-of-extraordinary-gentlemen-posterI can totally see League working as a TV show, moving well beyond the Alan Moore comic books, there is plenty of scope to tell stories based around the fictional literary characters that make up the League including Alan Quatermain, The Invisible Man, Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde, Captain Nemo and of course Nina Harker. Whether Fox would also have the rights to use other parts of the League stories beyond the first couple of books is unclear, especially as those books have moved publishers a few times now but does it really matter?  The characters are of course mostly in the public domain so I’m pretty sure Fox can and will do whatever they want, it can’t get any worse than the last attempt with the 2003 Sean Connery helmed movie.

Of course this isn’t the first time Fox have ventured into the the comic book to TV adaptation territory, who can forget their failure to pick up the Locke and Key pilot, much to the chagrin of this particular sidekick as you can read here and here.

I’m running a pool on how long it takes Alan Moore to publicly denigrate and completely distance himself from this project, stake your bet in the comments below 😉

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