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Published on November 7th, 2012 | by PJ Montgomery


Bizarre Crossovers

In recent months, IDW publishing have been putting out a series which features the eleventh Doctor, plus Amy and Rory, meeting the crew of the Federation starship USS Enterprise D. The six issue series saw both groups teaming up to combat the combined menace of the Cybermen and the Borg, and even featured a flashback to a meeting between the fourth Doctor and the crew of the original Enterprise. But probably the biggest surprise of the Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who crossover is that it was actually rather good.

Of course, crossovers are nothing new in the realms of science fiction and fantasy. Characters from TV shows and comics set in the same universe are often bumping into each other, and there’s a long history of Marvel and DC having their characters meet up in universe spanning crossover events since the nineteen-seventies. But some crossovers…. Well, they’re a little stranger. Presented below are some images from crossovers which genuinely happened, to varying degrees of success and quality. Please don’t take this as Sidekickcast endorsing all of these crossovers. We’re not. While some of them are very good indeed, some of them sucked. It’s just interesting that they ever happened at all.




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  1. Kristian Barry says:

    Great article Pat. However its an 8 issue mini series. LOL. Its also the biggest selling comic we’ve ever had in the shop. Well over three hundred issues of number one and one to two hundred issues of each of the preceding issues. Quite spectacular sales. IDWs best sales to date although aparently the new My Little Pony Comic has now exceeded those sales. Doctor Who Star Trek had 40000 thousand sales for issue one (multiple printings) And My little pony has already achieved 90 thousand copy advance orders. Shocking isn’t it? LOL

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