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Published on February 8th, 2012 | by Gavin Jones


Being Human 1955 Trailer

The new series of Being Human started last Sunday and it was nothing if not fresh and a bit of a departure from everything that has come before. This has left me with a revitalized desire to watch the show, something that was really starting to wane last season, and now I’m urging you all to do so too. It’s this kind of ballsy TV making that makes me love the medium, there are not many other TV shows that would consider throwing out the majority of the characters, push the story in a completely new direction and change the tone of the show in one hit. Being Human just did and here’s the trailer for Episode 2, ‘1955’:

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  1. Alex Giles says:

    I really like Being Human a lot and for me i was really worried, when it came out that both Mitchell and George were leaving i thought that would be it.

    Russell Tovey and Aidan Turner are two amazing actors and were/are going to be hard shoes to fill but it has to be said i was really impressed with the first episode of new series.

    I thought last season the werewolf Tom was good but in episode 1 of this season he seems to have stepped up a notch and looks bigger (maybe been hitting the gym) and the new vampire Cutler looks like he is going to be quiet excellent.

    All in all its looking a whole lot better than i thought it would be.

  2. Gavin Jones says:

    They’ve sucked me in with the future stuff and the prophecy, loves a good prophecy I do

  3. Honestly, I’m not sure I agree. I didn’t really like last week’s episode. It felt too much like “Oh, crap, we’ve lost EVERYONE! Quick, throw in some random lines and set up some other shit without needing to stick in any plot. Nah, random coincidence and stuff we’ve never mentioned before will do.” It just smacked of having to cover up all the behind the scenes changes, and the new bad guy vampire they seem to be setting up was awful. The second episode of the series is going to have to do a lot to keep me watching.

    • Did I miss something last series? What happened to that Vamp at the very end. They say they killed him, how? Was that something we saw or was it another actor drop out?

      That said, I really liked the new younger vamp. I hope he comes back.

      All in all, I thought series 3 was a bit of a let down. I remember series 2 where you physically had to catch your breath at the end of of the episodes because of the emotion. You would cry, laugh and be scared all in 1 hour. Then series 3 was just a bit ‘meh’.

      This episode felt like a weak series 2 episode… or to put it another way, a really really good series 3 episode.

      I hope it gets better and better.

  4. Gavin Jones says:

    I went into the episode with very much the same preconceptions as you did PJ but came out feeling quite differently. You came out feeling worse, I came out feeling better, I think this is probably a matter of taste and belief. I was surprised, given how many changes had to be made, how good the show still felt, very different but still good.

    I would accept that the show is no longer Being Human as we know/knew it but that doesn’t make it bad. Buffy and Angel both did this quick change up, not necessarily for the same reasons but they still worked. I would say the Wolfram and Heart takeover series was vastly different to anything that had come before, with lots of new characters but that worked out just fine. I must admit that I am trying to get a rise out of you, as I know how much you love Whedon 😉

  5. You dare invoke the mighty Whedon?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Nah, seriously, I think partly, it’s all about the context. I deliberately avoided any news about the new series of Being Human, in order to avoid any spoilers. As such, I was unaware that Sinead Keenan and Russell Tovey were both leaving the show too. Going in without that knowledge meant that, for me, it just felt rushed.

    You’re point about Angel is a good one, but the key there is, it was still Angel. Angel was the same character, just put in a different situation. We also still had continuity with Wesley, Fred and Gunn in season five. Different situation, sure, but the same characters. All Being Human has now is Annie, and I don’t think that’s going to be enough.

  6. Woody says:

    I agree with angel only changed scenario. I’m really weary about this series as the main backbone of the show was the main characters relationships and how they dealt with the real world. Now it seems that all that has gone out the window and they want to be the new buffy. I’llstick with it but as soon as there’s a massive fight between werewolves and vampires Im out as that wasn’t the point of the show for me.

  7. Woody says:

    That episode is what I wanted

  8. Fay says:

    Really trying to get into the new Being Human cast but for me they just don’t have the edge or the chemistry the originals did.
    I really thought that there would be another series miracle and Mitchell would be ressurected to rejoin the gang.
    It was the way the originals tried to fit in to the real, surreal world that made it both entertaining and gripping.
    I don’t doubt for a moment that the new people will give it their best shot but lets face it they have some real big boots to fill.

  9. Arya Stark says:

    I feel Being Human has finally found its stride with series 4, returning to more of the comedy and inter-relationships that made the series enjoyable to begin with. The budding bromance between sweet-hearted but practically illiterate werewolf Tom and cultured, acid-tongued OCD (not to mention drop-dead gorgeous!) vampire Hal has been a real delight to watch. I can’t wait to see how this story arc pans out, well done team!

  10. Fred says:

    Learn to spell. It waned; it din’t wain. Good grief.

  11. Gavin Jones says:

    Thank you for pointing out my obvious error Fred. Let he who is without sin and all that, exactly how do you spell ‘didn’t’? Good grief.

  12. Adriuenne says:

    This has been an absolutely fantastic series and I am desperate for next weeks finale – Killing off Mitchell and then George seemed to be the end of the show in my eyes, but how wrong I was, they have done a fantastic job casting Hal and Thom has stepped in the main werewolf role perfectly… they bounce off each other as well as Mitchell and George and the series has picked up again where it was beginning to flag – after all we all knew Mitchell was going and were beginning to think it was all over! Well done one and all on a brilliant series 4 – keep it up for series 5!

  13. Woody says:

    Did the finale seem a let down to anyone else. I thought the last fifteen minutes were forced and no one seemed to care Annie just blew up eve

  14. ann-marie robinson says:

    i love being human im a huge fan of the show im excited i want to know when its back on bbc three this year. i loved annie george and mitchell they were my favourite ones i will miss them.
    so i cant wait to see hal hes my favourite in it.

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