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Comic Previews Avengers Vs XMen #0 Cover

Published on December 13th, 2011 | by Gavin Jones


Avengers vs X-Men #0 Cover Preview

If Marvel are starting the serious pimping now, you know this event is going to be big, let’s hope we don’t get event fatigue before the whole thing even begins. One thing is for sure, they are certainly putting Hope and Scarlet Witch centre stage for this thing, can’t say I blame ’em when you’ve got Frank Cho drawing the lovely ladies.

This March, fans worldwide cannot miss the prologue to the biggest pop culture comic event of the year as Marvel is pleased to unveil the trade dress and cover to Avengers VS. X-Men #0! Just before the Avengers and the X-Men go head to head, superstar creators Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron & Frank Cho set up the crucial roles of the Scarlet Witch and Hope Summers in the coming storm. With all eyes on Wanda and the Mutant Messiah, both sides have already made up their mind on where allegiances SHOULD lie …but what about those caught in the middle? The drums of war are beating and fans should be ready for the essential opening to the event that will change everything you know about the Marvel Universe in Avengers VS. X-Men #0!


You’ve heard It’s Coming—and this April The War Is Here in Avengers VS X-Men! All your favorite super heroes enter—and only one team will emerge victorious!


Which team will reign supreme? Join the conversation on Twitter with #AvX!


For more on Avengers VS X-Men, please visit http://avx.marvel.com




Art & Cover by FRANK CHO


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