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Published on October 31st, 2012 | by PJ Montgomery


A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

The news has come through that Disney have bought Lucasfilm for a not insubstantial sum of money, and the company have already announced that they are planning to release Star Wars episode VII in 2015. Naturally, the Internet is pretty divided on this matter, with some screaming and wailing about how this is a terrible idea, and some of them being quite excited about the prospect.

The reality should lie somewhere in the middle. At this point, we have absolutely no idea what form episode VII will take, who will be writing, who will be directing or who will be starring. Lucas himself will almost certainly not be involved, though he has stated that he always saw Star Wars as something which would carry on without him, under the direction of other creators.He’s also always said that his original plan for Star Wars was a nine film series, so a third trilogy is hardly a new idea.

There’s also the small matter of who Disney might hire to take Star Wars on. There are plenty of talented writers and directors out there who could probably do something with the Star Wars franchise, and whose take on the universe would be very interesting indeed. Of course, the optimum scenario is that Joss Whedon be brought in to give us his vision of Star Wars, but with Avengers 2 (Disney’s other big live action hitter) also due in 2015, this is unlikely. Still, until announcements are made, getting prematurely annoyed or excited seems a little foolish. Lets just go with cautious optimism for now.

What’s more interesting is how this deal will affect the Star Wars spin-off media. Star Wars is unique when it comes to the novels and comics which are based on the saga, since they are, for the most part, considered canon. Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire trilogy of novels, set five years after Return of the Jedi, really kicked things off, and is still regarded as a real high point for the Star Wars saga. The books, telling the story of the former rebels battling against the remnants of the Empire and Grand Admiral Thrawn, as well as Han and Leia becoming parents, is very fondly thought of by fans, and many will be hoping that Disney simply adapts these books for the screen. This is unlikely, however, since the cast have aged a little more than the required five years, and does anyone really think Harrison Ford will return to the part of Han Solo anyway? Regardless, we’ll still have the books to read. However, their status as canon to the movies could be a little more complex. Chances are, Disney won’t really pay much attention to the events of the novels in their new movies, and contradictions are almost bound to put in an appearance. In that case, the movies are very much going to be the official version of events, no matter how much fans may object. In that case, the Star Wars novels will simply become just another tie-in series which has no bearing on canon, and that would be a real shame.

Likewise, the comics published by Dark Horse are currently considered canon, but their potential lack of canonicity isn’t the real problem here. Disney already own their very own comic book publisher, a little company by the name of Marvel Comics. Chances are, Dark Horse will soon be losing the Star Wars licence, which will then pass to Marvel. While Marvel aren’t unfamiliar with Star Wars comics (they had the licence in the seventies and early eighties), Dark Horse have held the licence for a long time now, and published hundreds of comics set in different eras of the Star Wars universe. They publish a number of Star Wars comics every month, and they clearly care about the universe. Big a Marvel fan as I am, I just can’t see them putting the same amount of care and effort into the Star Wars brand as Dark Horse have, and they certainly won’t publish as many Star Wars comics a month as Dark Horse.

The new Disney / Lucasfilm deal may be a good thing for the films, but the spin-off situation is currently a little fuzzier.

Of course, Star Wars isn’t the only property tied into this. It also gives Disney Indiana Jones, Labyrinth and Willow. Wether anything will happen with these or not remains to be seen, but Disney would be foolish to simply leave it at Star Wars when Lucasfilm has so many other properties ripe for investing time in. And, of course, with Disney now owning both Lucasfilm and Marvel, can another Howard the Duck film really be that far off?

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6 Responses to A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

  1. Gavin Jones says:

    Thank you sir, for you are the only other person that has mentioned the possibility of a Willow sequel. I actually think this would work really well and should greenlit now, fat Val Kilmer and all.

    You bring up some interesting points regarding the spin-off media, I too am a big fan of the Zahn books and it would be a real shame if they are just thrown out of the continuity.

    Surely the best idea for Disney would be to focus on much older Han, Leia and Luke as they guide the new generation of Jedi through the Star Wars universe…I know there are books about the new Skywalker/Solo twins but can’t quite remember what they’re called right now. This way they could appease fans of the novels aswell as have a whole new bunch of characters to tell stories about.

  2. Jonathan Marks says:

    Star Wars VII, VIII and IX… hmmm not sure what to think on that one. Attadpting the majority of the novels is a non-starter almost all of them feature Han, Luke and Leia and seeing different actors in those roles would feel VERY weird, but hey if Bond can do it why not SW.
    If George (he who must meddle – Han shot first = FACT) Lucas did indeed envision a triple trilogy, be interesting at least to here what HIS 7,8 & 9 would of been.
    There is a book series that I personally feel could hold up to screen like and that’s the x-wing series. Interesting characters (do like Corran Horn and Mirrax Terrik), intersting senarios and the only recongnised character is Wedge so a change of actor there wouldn’t jar as much.
    If they can’t get Joss to direct, get him to write the thing or maybe Roberto and Alex cause between the three of them they pretty much rule the script writing duties for genre films. Actually scrap that a though came as I was typing. Light the BatSignal step forward Christopher Nolan to write and direct (with help from brother Jonathan as always)
    A whole trillogy nice and dark light Empire instead of the saccharine nonsense that is the prequals. I have officially made myself excited. Could be fantastic.
    Lets hope the force is strong with this one [cue asthma]

  3. Jimmy mackeroy says:

    I’m a skater, what’s hans sidekick called? I’m on a quiz for my abilities!!;) so please help out!!<3 to all my fans I love you all!!;););) xoxoxox

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